Letter to the Editor

A letter to city officials

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Dear City Manager Mack and Mayor Robinson,

I like the Spencer, Iowa, webpage except the Econ development picture doesn’t show much in development nor activity. Also, the picture of City Hall isn’t good, but it will be impressive with new city hall building.

I wonder with the move of subcommittees, if their minutes are part of public record. The reason I wonder is that a quorum isn’t present, yet they are acting in official/elected capacity. Although not the intent, may develop or run the danger of off the record or “behind the scenes” or “under-the-table” type of discussions. I say this because when I was in college I covered city council meetings in Cedar Falls and Waterloo and saw a lot of this where the decisions and primary discussions took place prior to city council meetings of the whole. City council became a rubber stamp. I remember the Waterloo Courier worked to elbow into some of these sub-committee meetings, some of which the media thought were in the public interest and needed the opportunity for public input.

Just a couple of thoughts of mine I thought I’d pass along.

— Jan Myers, “Grow Spencer”