Letter to the Editor

When is it enough?

Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Christian right makes up a significant share of the Republican Party, claiming that they share the same values. Wednesday, in a speech to the Senate prior to the impeachment vote, Senator Romney stated that being profoundly religious, he could not violate the oath he took to be a fair and impartial juror in the impeachment trial and that the overwhelming facts of President Trumpís obstruction of justice necessitate a guilty vote in the trial. When word of his impending speech came out, rather than listen to it, Republican senators decided to boycott it and only one member of the party came to hear it. They then proceeded to disregard the facts, violate their oath and acquit the president. Trump then demanded that Romney be expelled from the party for disloyalty to the president.

It is surprising that with Trumpís history of racial bias in his renting policies, bragging about sexual harassment and groping, sex with porn stars and resulting bribe payments, adulterous affairs on all his wives and thousands of publicly told lies documented by fact checkers, the Christian right has no objection and continues to support him and the Republican Party. When will it be enough to say we no longer share values and we will no longer support Trump or the party?

ó Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake