Letter to the Editor

Climate change

Monday, February 3, 2020

When David Kruse "Canary in the climate change coal mine just died" tells me that "man-made climate change" is a scientific fact, I immediately ask "What science?" I have not done extensive research (I did not know what a "Indian Ocean Dipole" was) on global warming/climate change, but I do know the science (?) is the same.

The term "global warming" was popularized 30-40 years ago based on a model that essentially said as greenhouse gases rise, more heat is retained in the atmosphere and temperatures will rise. Unfortunately, although greenhouse gases rose steadily, there was a 14-year period from the late '90s to 2011 when temperatures remained essentially constant. Crap! We can't discard the model because that is "science" so let's change the name, "climate change!" That'll account for all the little hiccups and deviations from our model! Does science allow "little hiccups and deviations?"

What is climate? Who created climate? I believe it is pure unmitigated chutzpah for mere man to think we are capable of changing the climate, but I also believe, since fossil fuels are a gift from God, we do everything in our power to not misuse these gifts.

My response to David's admission "I am a high CO2 producer and I have made no adjustments myself to speak of" is, since 50% of agricultural CO2 emissions come from tillage, my suggestion is you place a phone call to Shines and tell them to scrap out your tillage equipment.

Jerry Crew, Webb