Letter to the Editor

Condition of the State

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

In Governor Reynolds's Condition of the State she talked about the overall wellness of all Iowans, in every part of the state, in all stages of life, but she neglected to mention anything about the mess that is privatized Medicaid. This impacts Iowans who need long term support services to live in the community and individuals who perform the important care work that keeps these individuals functioning.

If we are going to plan for the future we need to invest in each other. From the growing number of seniors who will want to age in place to adequate child care. These are the jobs of the future and not just "women's work" of the past. We need more people to be incentivized to provide these important services, to be adequately trained and make a living wage.

I ask our governor and elected officials to consider what you would want for yourself or a loved one if you became chronically ill/disabled?

This year we need you to act. We need a comprehensive agenda that invest in Iowa's caregivers and the disability community and looks after the health and well-being of all Iowans and gives everybody the opportunity to succeed.

Only then can we truly show the world that Opportunity Lives Here is Iowa.

Jenn Wolff, Waverly