Letter to the Editor

From the Publisher column

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Ms. Buenger, I appreciated your article in SDR Jan. 28, 2020. You ask us to look and really see others. And to come together and form reasonable responses as a nation whose citizens care and are able to act.

May I respond to your article?

But first about private insurance: I skipped a medical check-up at Mayo two years ago after my private insurance became high deductible, high out-of-pocket. I wonder about others ... who may skip treatment and who don't show up in our statistics.

Your words: "Sure, there's Medicare. But. ..."

Now I've reached Medicare age and this helps, but the premium increase this year overran this year's SSI increase and, for many people, this makes a big difference. Projecting the past 10 years of quickly escalating health care costs out 10 years from now, I wonder how we will fare as a nation, as citizens, as people, as community.

"Folks on both sides of the aisle. ..." We may dress differently (in red, blue or green) yet we have hard-working families, neighbors and friends whose well-being we care deeply about. I wonder how on earth out nation (we) can positively impact the world if we cannot form reasonable policies for our own citizens.

We see the prices of over-the-counter, generics and tier one basic medicines (and others) go up and up. I wonder about those who believe the marketplace will resolve the issue of affordable health care. How's that working? for our families, friends and neighbors many of whom work at hourly pay in noncorporate jobs? For those whose corporate jobs are exported to other countries? For small businesses, entrepreneurs and single owner entities?

Together, we as a nation can respond. We are able.

Thank you, Ms. Buenger for taking the time to read this. I really appreciated your article.

Julie A. Spiess, Spencer