Letter to the Editor

Speed law

Sunday, January 26, 2020

There's a clever bill in the Iowa Senate to appease the speed happy zealots, and Big Money/Big Business/Big Trucking. It will penalize anyone that does drive the speed limit in the left lane (of a four lane) when speeding drivers what to exceed the speed limit. Enforcement personnel don't charge anyone for less than 10 mph over posted, so it effectively allows the speed limit to be increased another 10 mph.

The National Transportation Safety Board says, "Speed kills nearly as many lives as drunk driving. They have enough gumption to put the correct label on the poison. Lawmakers like to increase speed limits, so they can say "speed wasn't a factor in the crashes." Our so called "safety people" even put the blame on anything and everything other than "speed." It's always "the weather or road" to blame.

I detest the lawmakers and so called safety people that sacrifice more lives to speed, while attempting to save a few more drunks with a seat belt law, so the "bean counters" can make the statistics come out favorable.

Herman Lenz, Sumner