Letter to the Editor

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

I am writing this to all the people who have thought about writing to the Spencer Daily Reporter an addressing their opinion that they have a passion about or certain problem in the community they want to address.

First of all, once you get past the fear of what people might think. I say who cares?

But if you can’t get past that fear, I'm sorry to hear that ... then don’t even bother. If you get past that fear, it’s your editorial that very well could make a difference in the community and peoples lives.

— Robert Yancey, Spencer

Editor’s Note: Your individual opinion submissions are not considered “editorials” but instead “letters to the editor.” Columns are written by newspaper staff expressing their individual opinions of views. Editorials are written as a view representative of the newspaper as a whole. Just a clarification of newspaper lingo.