Letter to the Editor

Soleimani Assassination

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Qassem Soleimani was a terrorist and responsible for maiming and killing Americans. Agreement there. As far as Americans holding posters of Soleimani, I searched the internet and watched TV for images and found none. Maybe they were mislabeled photos/videos seen on Fox News which has happened before. Even if the pictures were fake, who interpreted the reason the posters were held?

There were American protests about how, why, the long-term plan and the timing of the assassination. We were told there was an imminent threat with no proof based on the word of a proven liar. I donít believe someone Iíve caught lying to me more than twice, much less lying over 15,000 times, but you might. Imminent means if action wasnít taken at that very moment an attack wouldíve been made on Americans. Prove it to us. Soleimani has been a threat for years so why now? Two reasons: impeachment and reelection. In 2011 traitor trump claimed President Obama would start a war with Iran to get reelected and called it pathetic. Seems he liked the idea so much he decided to use it himself. Not to mention it distracts from his impeachment, a twofer.

Then there are the violations of the U.S. War Powers Resolution Act and international laws of war (war crimes). Congress is to be notified within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action, not years as stated. A tweet as official notification is illegal, especially when done using a personal not official account. The same twitter account traitor trump tried to ban people from claiming it was his personal not official account. Meanwhile, during his two week vacation at Mar-a-Lago (emoluments be damned), friends of traitor trump were given a heads up something big was going to happen with Iran allowing them time to make stock transactions to protect their assets or cash in. Congress has yet to be given the intel on the so-called imminent threat that was so dire traitor trump was golfing.

Presidents Bush and Obama didnít order the assassination after careful analysis of military information and educated advice that it would make us less safe. Now that Iran will resume acquisition of nuclear power and retaliates as claimed, will you feel safer? Will you be ready and supportive of yet another avoidable, expanded, protracted war in that region, especially since traitor trump ran on the promise to get out of war? Did you vote for that or not? Are you ready for thousands more dead and maimed Americans and trillions more in national debt? Iran will have a long term strategic plan unlike traitor trump.

And for the love of god, do not stereotype all people of Iran based on their leadership just as I hope the world doesnít do for Americans. Iranians are educated, worldly people, not third world, and want a change in leadership to relieve them of the decades of crippling sanctions. They once had a democratically elected leader that the U.S. orchestrated the 1953 overthrow of in favor of a monarch until the Iranian revolution in 1979 when 52 Americans were taken hostage. Reagan made a deal with Iran to hold the hostages until his inauguration day, longer than necessary, to make himself look good. Then thereís the whole Iran-Contra crimes.

If we donít learn from history weíre doomed to repeat the mistakes. I just didnít think it be every 20 years when people are still alive that already lived through three or four versions of the same mistakes.

ó Diane Smith, Spencer