Letter to the Editor

Response to OMP Column, Organic story

Sunday, January 12, 2020

This is in response to Randy Cauthron who asked "What say you?" about President Trump's decision to vaporize the most evil general in Iran, and the article in last Tuesday's Reporter "Buyers should beware of organic labels on some nonfood products."

Trump's handling of the assassination of General Soleimani and the allowance of the "outrage" of the Iranian government was perfect. His use of our diplomatic service to negotiate the terms of what we would allow as "protest" was unparalleled and quite contrary to what you Trump haters (Robert Sneitzer in particular) would expect. This is how a real president works for our country.

"Organic." This will be a review for many, but this what the USDA certified “organic” label means to the American consumer. This only requires 95% of the product to be actually qualified. Remember that the next time you plunk double the price that allows 5% to be almost anything.

“Organic” disavows all science and technology of the past 60 years devoted to making our food supply safer and more abundant. “Organic” cannot utilize the modern day technique of gene-splicing which allows the plant to produce a toxin that kills corn borers, ear worms and root worms after one bite of the plant without spraying a single ounce of a potentially toxic insecticide.

The “organic” crowd believes genetically modified crops are dangerous for human consumption, but we've been consuming them for 30-40 years without even one case of the "sniffles." Contrast that with the infamous e coli scare of several years ago that actually killed humans. Bet you didn't know the source was contaminated spinach from “organic” produced spinach. Wonder why they never told us the source.

“Organic” whether food or nonfood takes agriculture back to the day when farmers were depicted as hick huckleberries wearing bib overalls held up by one bib with a hoe over his shoulder smoking tobacco (OMG) in a corn cob pipe.

Jerry Crew, Webb