Letter to the Editor

Character matters — anyone disagree?

Sunday, December 29, 2019

In 2005, Donald Trump founded a privately owned for profit operation known as Trump University: aka Trump Wealth Institute. It operated till 2010 then being cited for false advertising, high pressure sales and having little educational value. Thousands of students paid up to $35,000 for worthless sessions. It was never university accredited. In 2013 Trump was fined $25 million for fraudulent practices which he refused to pay until 2016 as he was then a candidate for the U.S. presidency.

In 2016 prior to the presidential election, the Donald J. Trump Foundation entered into a settlement with the Attorney General of New York that required Trump to pay a $2 million fine, actually pay a $1 million contribution promised to veterans but never paid, close down the Trump Charitable Foundation and admit to illegal misuse of a charity. It was proven riddled with graft as he used the charity to buy a portrait of himself, purchase a sports memento, and pay a number of Trump business expenses

He was married three times and overtly cheated on all three wives. In a recorded interview he boasted, because of his fame, he could openly molest women without worry.

His personal lawyer Michael Cohen was convicted and sent to jail for following Trump’s orders to pay off two porn stars Trump had affairs with so that they would not make the affairs public and hurt his election campaign.

Trump has now been impeached for Abuse of Power in the documented case of Trump demanding Ukraine’s help in finding dirt on a political opponent in exchange for military aid already allocated by Congress. A second article of impeachment is obstruction of Congress which involves Trump’s refusal to supply requested documents and direction to staff members to refuse congressional subpoenas for testimony.

A televised statement by Mitch McConnell exposed the puppet strings pulled by Trump to promise there would be nothing fair about the impeachment trial. It would be conducted speedily with complete coordination with the white house.

Trump’s character is painfully apparent.

— Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake