Letter to the Editor

Christmas spirit

Sunday, December 29, 2019

You've opined of late that it would really be something if we could figure out a way to keep the Christmas spirit alive all yearlong. I believe you have something big in the making, and I'd like to do my part to move the discussion along.

The concept seems like it would be very popular. However, like the resolutions we make for the New Year, the follow through is often the problem. It seems to me that to make the joy and beauty of Christmas more prevalent, we need to study a few things: mindfulness, and intentionality come to mind. Mindfulness, simply put, is nothing more than focusing one's attention on the present. Easier said than done in the hectic, fast-paced world we inhabit. The key seems to be the deployment of intentionality. Again, in its essence, this is nothing more than being deliberate and purposeful. You know, doing something on purpose, with the intention of doing it.

See if this helps: let's say that a small group of people want to make every day a little Christmas, a time when we care about others and show it. They'd sit down and decide that effective Jan. 1, for example, each day they would think, speak and act like they did a week prior, when they lived out the values and beliefs they associated with Christmas. They'd give the gift of themselves, show kindness, compliment/praise the good they observe. In other words, they would consciously try to make Christmas happen over and over and over, in the new year. I believe if folks were committed to doing the above, we'd notice a great increase in civility, respect and collaboration. It could become a habit, and be very contagious! Worth a try.

Bill Kersting, Spencer