Letter to the Editor

Trump followers and defenders

Sunday, December 22, 2019

In a letter to the editor in local publications Terry Yarns lays it all out. The cult like behavior of large numbers of the Republican Party including those in Congress mystify true Republicans that continue to hold to the beliefs the party was founded upon. Corruption has abounded not only in Trump’s actions, but the people he appointed to surround him, resulting in convictions and jail time. There are still more Trump coconspirators to be dealt with. Attorney General William Barr, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. Lindsey Graham and private citizen Rudy Giuliani, whose statements and actions defy the oaths of office most swore to uphold. Yet, there are those who make speeches, comment on news shows or write letters to the editor who defend these offenses and claim he did nothing wrong.

It’s sad to say, but it appears that Senate Republicans under the leadership McConnell, who states he will run the impeachment trial with “close cooperation” with President Donald Trump who is the accused party are likely to disregard the facts and refuse to remove him from office. Graham voiced a statement likely to be followed by other GOP senators “I don’t pretend to be a fair juror in the impeachment trial.”

It would appear that it will be up to the countries voters in 2020 to decide. Will true Republicans join the effort to remove Trump?

— Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake