Letter to the Editor

Fair political booths

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Based on my experience at the political booths at the fair and the recent letter to the editor, it’s clear that the Republican Party loves to insult people not just from their booth but also toward people at the Democratic booth. The last day of the fair I walked by both political party booths. No one was visiting at either one. I stopped to look for literature at the Democratic one as that is the only one with choices for their party nomination as Republicans are canceling primaries. They were almost out of stickers, buttons, etc. Interpret that as you will. I consider a positive sign on engaged voters. But what stunned me was the insult screamed toward the booth by a man walking by. Seeing the surprised look on my face, I was told that was happening a lot. Then another man walked up and calmly asked if this was where all the “free stuff” was. Again, interpret as you will. At least he was polite and might have been educated on the policies and platform (unlike the previous letter writer’s distorted views). I didn’t stick around to see.

— Diane Smith, Spencer