Letter to the Editor

Gallup poll — world leaders ranked

Monday, October 14, 2019

Each year end, Gallup polls thousands of people around the world about the approval and effectiveness of global leaders. The world leader selected in the latest poll (December 2018) as the most respected was Germany’s Angela Merkel. Lining up behind her were China’s Xi Jimping, India’s Narendra Modi, UK's Theresa May and France’s Emmanuel Macron.

At the bottom of the listing were Saudi Arabia’s King Mohammad Bin Salman, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran’s Hassan Rouhani and finally lowest on the list was U.S. President Donald Trump.

Germany has now moved into the top free world leadership position, replacing longtime leader the U.S. Under Trump the rating for U.S. global leadership across 134 countries fell to its lowest point since Gallup began taking this measure in 2007. Whistle blowers have now revealed Trump’s constitutional violations to corrupt our election process. The House has initiated the impeachment process. How will Senate Republicans respond?

— Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake