Letter to the Editor

CCF Republican booth

Monday, October 14, 2019

Almost without exception, I have manned the Republican booth on the opening Saturday of the Clay County Fair since we moved from the commercial building into the events center. And I have never been more optimistic about the reelection of President Trump and the Republicans regaining control of the house after spending four hours at the booth!

Kevin Brown and others with the Clay County Republican Party decided the featured attraction of this years booth, along with brochures from candidates for various office, would be a simple 2-by-3-foot white sheet of butcher paper saying "I support President Trump" and a half dozen various colored magic markers if they desired to sign.

As I was sitting there waiting for the doors to open, I thought this is a great idea, but after 10 minutes zero signatures! And then it dawned on me the only people to ever stop were avid Republicans or equally avid Democrats who wanted to argue politics, which I relish, but only one did so this year. Unless something grabs their attention, most avoid eye contact at all costs and pass by! But when directly asked "Do you support our president?" I got mostly positive responses. In fact, only two, during my four hours, said they didn't support him, and most signed! There were almost three full pages with 75-100 signatures/page when I left!

This, of course, is only my take on the voter mood during the opening four hours of the CCF! It may not be scientific, (remember 2016 and President Hillary) but it surprised me that fairgoers (the exception being a lady from Minnesota who wouldn't sign because she was from Minnesota guess Trump isn't president there) were enthusiastically vocal in their support!

There was one glitch I had started to ask this guy if he supported the president when I noticed a Warren sticker and said as I pointed to the sticker "Pocahontas!" "What did you say?" he asked. And I answered "Pocahontas!" You know the one who claimed she was 1/32nd Cherokee Indian as she applied for teaching position at Harvard because they had a diversity policy for Native Americans. "Her name" through clenched teeth "is Elizabeth Warren!" I said "I know, Pocahontas!" He didn't sign!

The one remarkable comment I heard over and over was this, 20-plus Democrats running for president and every single one raised their hand to provide free health to illegal immigrants before offering it to American citizens! Unless there is a "new" phoenix in the image of FDR or JFK arising from the ashes of what once was a respected political party, we will get to enjoy another four years of President Donald J. Trump!

Jerry Crew, Webb