Letter to the Editor

Avian killing fields

Monday, August 26, 2019

Are we creating avian killing fields in Dickinson County?

Should we look at our new winds farms as an environmental melanoma small, almost unnoticed, at first. But over time, will become a raging killer of bats, and migrating birds, ranging from song birds, waterfowl, hummingbirds to raptors.

Should we be blinded by the industrial shibboleth that wind farms kill less birds than coal fired or nuclear powered plants.

Should we be concerned with environmentally dangerous wind turbines sitting right next to rain water basins, set aside for waterfowl reproduction and nesting areas for both the Iowa DNR and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Should we be concerned that this environmental melanoma is spreading from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, encompassing all migratory patterns from seasonal, longitudinal, altitudinal, loop, nomadic, irruptive, dispersal, leap frog, reverse and drift.

Will we be caught again with the paradox of the industrial lie that we remain silent, allowing this melanoma to bring many bird and bat species to the brink of extinction.

Bill Murphy, Okoboji