Letter to the Editor

Trump’s mental state

Sunday, August 25, 2019

An ever growing number of psychiatrists are now saying that President Trump is clinically mentally unstable. Witnessed by tweets and statements during rallies, it has become apparent that worry and stress about criticism of him and the impending impeachment has affected his ability to act rationally. His latest statement “I am the chosen one,” claiming his tariffs are generating tax revenue, claiming his tax cut was great for the economy when, by recent CBO projections, it will contribute to a U.S. budget deficit of nearly one trillion dollars this year and 1.4 trillion deficit for next year. His continual practice of making up derogatory nick names for his critics is more typical of an adolescent teenager than a president. His claim that Democrats are trying to force a recession by talking about it, He insults American Jews claiming they are uninformed or disloyal if they vote Democratic. His strange desire to buy Greenland and badmouthing the Danes for refusing to sell it. He was considering an attempt to extend his term to six years and his latest fantasy — to award himself the Medal of Honor.

While a few Republicans have braved his wrath and been openly critical of Trump, even with falling poll numbers, many party members have remained silent giving the president their implied consent and approval. To have a president acting so irrationally should worry us all.

— Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake