Letter to the Editor

Let's get crackin'

Sunday, August 25, 2019

I love the smell of napalm in the morning!" Well, no, I really don't but I would highly recommend a trip by motorcycle (or by a four-wheel vehicle with the windows open) along the county roads of Clay and O'Brien counties. Robert Duvall, in "Apocalypse Now" uttered a classic line on screen. I hope he also got to drive through farm country, as I did last Thursday, and see, hear and smell all that is out there. It truly was a "breath of fresh air, whether it was freshly mown grass by the Iowa DOT, cows/pigs/chickens/sheep out and about, or the birds with which we are blessed. What a glorious ride, and it was just to Sanborn and back!

While I have never been a farmer, or one who is considered "outdoorsy, I can appreciate all the above because we have the freedom, access and infrastructure to enjoy all this beautiful land offers. In this regard, I guess you could say I'm a nationalist. By that I mean that I choose to promote the United States of America, and its sovereignty, on the world stage. I want to see this country exceed in all its endeavors not at the expense of other countries, but in concert with them. This does not make me a jingoist, or one who does not see our flaws and faults, tries to deny wrongs we've perpetrated in the past, or mistakes we've made along the way to the present day. We have plenty of problems to solve (or at least work on). So let's get crackin'!

I don't ask for much, I only want what's just, and you know it don't come easy. Immortalized by The Fab Four, these lines ring true, no matter the era. Together we can git 'er done. Apart, it'll just be more bickering and divisiveness. Just because you and I don't agree on matters does not make one or the other a bigot, racist, homophobe or some other miscreant. We can disagree, and we can keep America great, all at the same time.

Bill Kersting, Spencer