Letter to the Editor

Racism led by Trump surges

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Racist acts by President Trump should not be a surprise. His past reeks with words and actions displaying his mindset.

He was sued twice for refusing to rent to blacks in his projects.

He attacked Muslim Gold Star parents.

He claimed a judge in his trial was biased because he was Mexican.

He refused to condemn white supremacists who campaigned for him.

He accused President Obama, for years, of not being born an American.

He condoned the beating of a “Black Lives Matter” protester.

He claimed asylum seekers were rapists and drug dealers.

There are too many more to list except his latest attack on the four newly elected congress women of color known as “The Squad.” Feeling that they had no right to be critical of his actions, he together with his daughter in law Lara Trump reportedly set up a plan to denigrate The Squad in one of his rallies. In his speech he claimed that they hated our country and said they should go back to their own country. Three of the four were born in the U.S., one a child immigrant. On cue Lara Trump and a small contingent started the chant “Send Her Back.” The telecast showed Trump looking pleased at the response.

Strangely, it seems that Republicans as a whole, find no problem with Trump’s overt racist actions. Hmmm, I wonder why! As long as Mitch McConnell rules the senate, impeachment is not likely. The elections of 2020 are critical in determining the direction our country will go.

— Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake