Letter to the Editor

LGBTQ Allies

Monday, July 8, 2019

We are grateful to live in a nation that protects our right to free speech. Yet when someoneís words make others feel condemned and threatened; as recent comments in a letter to the editor did; we cannot let it go unchallenged.

We consider ourselves allies of our friends who identify as LGBTQ: lesbian; gay; bisexual; transgender and queer or questioning. They are our friends and family; fellow human beings with talents; ideas and personalities they want to express just as we do. We recognize that each personís sexuality is only one part of who we are. We displayed the rainbow symbol on private yards for Pride Month because it is time for us to come out in encouragement and support of our fellow participants in the Lakes Area LGBTQS Alliance. (S stands for straight.) Our agenda is not aggression but simply to promote love and acceptance.

óDeb Mechler; Paul and Nancy Wick; Kimala Peterson; Julie Ebel; Roger Velishek; Tara Patrick; Jacob and Liz Kluver; Barb Ambrosius; Caroline Nelson; Amanda Melita Green; Travis S. Johnson; Hilary Becker; Teri Marie; Linda Hoberg-DeLaughter; Brent Berends; Kathy Josephson; Paul Becker; Tom and Wendy Van Tassell; Hannah Johnson; Kevin and Denita Pirie; Christina Pierce; Dawn DeBoer; Aimee Clark; Travis and Tracy Fitzgerald; Amanda Essick; Jay Oldenkamp; Malerie Quattlebaum; Jeremiah Baldwin; Mary Brumfield; Luis de Luna; Sarah and Daniel Andreson; Linda Stoppelmoor; Terri Winters-Holquist; Yvonne Hinrichsen; Kevin, Susan and Lily Rohan; Jared Gerlock; Harry and Cassie Gabe; Kathy Pfeifer; Tara Ford; Anne Slattery; Lindsey Matthiesen; Caitlin Paxton; Dori Lane; Kristoffer Pirie.