Letter to the Editor

When is it too many?

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The first known accusation of rape against President Donald Trump was made in 1989 by his then wife Ivana. Under intense pressure of a financial settlement during divorce negotiations, she was forced to concede that it was not a criminal rape because they were still married at the time. As Trump publically stated in a taped interview, he felt that because of his wealth and fame he could sexually assault women without fear of retaliation and this incident seemed to validate it.

With this mindset, he has accumulated 21 additional accusations of sexual assault or rape in the years following. The latest accusation by E. Jean Carroll was denied by Trump saying “She wasn’t my type.” Does this mean he felt she wasn’t pretty enough to tempt him?

It’s not surprising that he has not been convicted for these crimes, as fear of humiliation and inability to match Trump’s legal resources has dissuaded the abused women from further action.

It is surprising that Trump’s actions have not alarmed or caused outrage from his supporting organizations that claim morality is a priority with them. His repeated assaults would seem to indicate a serious character flaw.

— Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake