Letter to the Editor

45 minutes with Alex

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

You asked for it, you got it, that Japanese carmaker! Well, maybe not, but at the conclusion of your June 23 One Man's Perspective ("45 Minutes with Alex”) you did say "What say you?" I say you were in the presence of God himself, yesterday at St. Joseph's in Milford. He manifested himself in the form of one of his special children, and you welcomed him and Alex with open arms. Both you and Alex bonded beautifully, though I bet he was more comfortable with the encounter than you were. No matter. You basked in the precious moments you and Alex shared, and now you both will never be the same. Can we say "miracle"? Sure, why not. They happen every day, countless times. The cool part is that you chose to share this one with your readership, and we are truly grateful. Would that we should be so lucky!

The SDR, in my book, was hitting .750 today. Below your column, was The Village Idiot's "Traffic disco." Jim Mullen took some well deserved potshots at automobile manufacturers and their marketing strategies. He asks, and rightfully so, "Why should it take dancing models to promote car sales?" He laments how reality is missing from advertising. We're so vain! Then there was your sports editor's summary of yesterday's Astros vs. Yankees game. Seems despite a loss, the Yankees were one game away from tying the major league mark of 27 consecutive games in which they hit at least one home run. Well, today they hit two, so they and the 2002 Texas Rangers share the mark. Looks like NYY is back on track and serious about leading the AL East, and without seven or eight of their top players who've been sidelined by injuries. Glad to see some coverage of the Yankees' season!

Why not be batting 1.000? That would be due to the Opinion Page continually picking political cartoons that depict our president in a negative light. I know, I know, he gives you plenty of ammunition, but the least you could do is choose a cartoon to print every now and then that gives him credit for the many good, dynamic and caring things he has accomplished in 2 1/2 years. I know it would take more than my displeasure to get this to change, so for now, I'll say "45 Minutes with Alex" is a great, inspirational read and for that I say thank you.

— Bill Kersting, Spencer