Letter to the Editor

Gay pride flags

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Howard Beale (tormented news anchor from the movie “Network”) urged everyone to open their window and shout out "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" Most of us (I quite often) at some point in their lives have reached the conclusion "That's enough!"

In the past few months, stories about former Spencer High School graduates enjoying and, in fact, celebrating their "alternative lifestyle" (a horrible term foisted on us by political correctness) have always bothered me being featured on the front page of my daily newspaper. But, the seemingly innocuous front page photo of an innocent looking couple assembling "gay pride" flags at the library in the June 18 edition of the SDR sent me "over the edge!"

Homosexual behavior is, In fact, for those who forget, a sin against the sixth commandment (for we Lutherans) and the seventh for the rest of Christianity — "Thou shalt not commit adultery." And adultery is defined as a sexual act between two (or more) individuals unless they are a man and woman bound together as one in the eyes of God in the bonds of holy matrimony.

Yes, I understand the world of P.C., who worships at the altar of diversity, will label me a xenophobic homophobe who hates homosexuals. I hate the sin of homosexuality — not the sinner! Why is that concept so hard to grasp? The answer is quite simple. If you speak out against abortion — you hate women. If you speak out against the hoax of manmade "climate change" — you're a climate "denier!" And, if you dare speak out against homosexual marriage, you are denying people of a basic "right," in their estimation, and labeled a "Bible-thumping" hypocrite!

Diversity? Not in the P.C. world! In fact, the ugly truth is their world is filled with narrow-minded bigots!

— Jerry Crew, Webb