Letter to the Editor

State Rep. John Wills

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Representative Wills was loud and proud of Iowa’s ranking as No. 1 state in the nation. He attributed the success to the unified Republican government. But now that we’ve fallen in the rankings to No. 14, he hasn’t said a word. Most troublingly, Iowa ranks as No. 41 in the entire United States when it comes to air and water quality — the lifeblood of our community and economy.

Representative Wills is educated and employed in the environmental field, touting a B.A. in biology and two master’s degrees. But when he’s at the Statehouse, he totally ignores his field of experience. Representative Wills is the Republican whip in the Iowa House of Representatives, an incredibly powerful position. He seems to prefer being a powerbroker for special corporate interests rather than advocating for his constituents and statewide air and water quality reform.

I've witnessed Representative Wills claim that proposals to hold corporate and foreign-owned ag operations accountable are actually attacks on family farmers. He regularly passes the buck and blames the consumer for water quality issues.

I imagine our decline in the rankings will turn into a free fall if Representative Wills and the Iowa Legislature continues to prioritize political games and their careers over hard-working Iowans and our beautiful state.

—Brett W. Copeland, Milford