Letter to the Editor


Sunday, May 19, 2019

You didnít print my previous pro-choice letter but you did print antiabortion letters. Interesting. With all the horrible anti-abortion laws recently enacted, Iíd like to make these points.

1. Pro-choice is not pro-abortion.

2. Thereís always been, always will be abortions, natural and induced. Making them safe, legal, accessible and rare is the goal. Otherwise there will be dead women. Some with kids now left without a mother. But I guess those lives donít matter. See point 8.

3. Abortion will never be outlawed as itís the Republican ďget out the voteĒ cudgel. If a Republican politician vows to ban abortion, they could be the devil himself, breaking all other morals and religious commandments and anti-abortionists would vote for him. Traitor trump is exhibit A. I donít think theyíd even care if trump paid for abortions, which has been rumored.

4. In Alabama, a rapist can now force an unwilling 12-year-old girl to be the mother of his baby. And heíd probably have parental rights too.

5. In Alabama, a rapist would not serve as long in prison as a doctor performing the medical procedure.

6. Birth control fails. Banning all sex except for procreation is the only absolute way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. There should be accessible birth control paid for by health insurance companies or the government if people really want less abortions.

7. If a woman is forced by the government to give birth, the government is the one that has made the choice and should be responsible for the cost of raising and supporting that child until adulthood.

8. After forcing a woman to give birth, most anti-abortionist also support cutting all aid for the single moms and kids while calling the moms lazy welfare queens. And they agree with taking brown babies from their mothers and putting them in cages. By the way, getting aid has a ton of restrictions due in part to support by anti-abortionists, so tell me where to go to get free money no questions asked. There is no such place.

9. A fetus cannot survive without the aid of the motherís body which is why it is not yet an independent life and this is the motherís decision. Itís her body, her health (mental and physical) involved. I support the viability measure, with the life of the mother exception.

10. Anti-abortionists make no exceptions even for anencephaly. So what about brain dead people on life support? If they can survive with the same help a baby needs, should that body be kept alive for eternity? Using the anti-abortion standard, if the government decides when life starts should it decide when to end it, as is done with the death penalty?

11. Per traitor trump, the country is full, no more room. So no more babies allowed.

ó Diane Smith, Spencer