Letter to the Editor

Eggs and Issues

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I attended Eggs and Issues last Saturday and your reporter, Joseph Hopper, completely missed the tenor of David Johnson's long-winded question which wasn't even a question, but a diatribe against Mike Naig, Sen. Joni Ernst and Rep. Steve King. Johnson, ironically, started his speech calling for "civility and common ground" and then complained "our campaigns are not Iowa nice..." He then proceeded to demonstrate the opposite! He was rude, condescending, uncivil and, quite frankly, very nasty!

Hopper failed to capture the crowd reaction to Johnson's sorry performance which ranged from mere grumblings to audible cries of "shut-up" and "sit down!" Hopper should realize this type of behavior will eventually lead to no more forums such as Eggs and Issues because legislators have better things to do than be harassed by a disgruntled citizen and former state senator using it as his personal "soap-box!"

At one time I considered David as a friend, but something happened. Since I'm certainly not qualified to understand or explain his behavior, he will continue to be in my prayers.

Jerry Crew, Webb