Letter to the Editor


Monday, April 8, 2019

Upon returning last Tuesday from a refreshing and enlightening cruise on the Mississippi River (thanks to the Adventure Club at Farmers Trust and Savings Bank), I thought I’d be sharing the sights and history of the river, in the fashion of Mark Twain. However, an April 5 editorial in another newspaper caught my eye, and raised my ire. It dealt with whether or not the state of Iowa should further legislate about abortion “rights,” and perhaps even try to do something that protects the unborn child growing and developing in the womb of an abortion seeker. As usual, said newspaper pushed heavily its abortion-rights agenda. End of story, right? No, something much more worthwhile occurred later on April 5 that has all the elements of divine intervention at work.

I’m talking about the newly released movie, “Unplanned.” It chronicles the true story of Abby Johnson who worked for eight years in the Planned Parenthood (perhaps more rightly-termed planned abortion) system. In her own words, she details and depicts the procedures the agency follows when dealing with those seeking to divest themselves of a “product of conception.” I’ll refrain from telling you the insider term that more aptly describes the way staff in abortion clinics refer to what results from this medical procedure.

The movie is not for the squeamish as it graphically chronicles what occurs once a pregnant female becomes a clinic client. The lies, deceit, crass lack of empathy and focus on the “business” the staff is directed to promote are clearly presented in the words of a nurse who finally saw the light and went to work trying to shut down the Planned Parenthood clinic she ultimately directed. How could she be so believable? How could she know all the details? She could because she had two abortions herself. She could because her court testimony was incontrovertible, compelling and most of all, the absolute truth.

If you are still not convinced that abortion is sanctioned murder of a developing human being, see the movie. The more than 61 million aborted children since Roe v. Wade will be most appreciative.