Letter to the Editor

Mueller Report

Monday, March 25, 2019

Kaboom! What's that — there was no kaboom? You mean the bombshell Mueller Report was a dud? All the mainstream media, progressives, moderates, socialists and every single Democrat in Congress are in desperate need of a change in their underwear!

This was to be the coup d'etat that would bring down the most despised (by the left) duly elected president in our history! The most biased special prosecutor in history with the most biased staff took two years to tell us there was no collusion with Russians, no more indictments and no obstruction! They knew this after less than six months, but spent the next year and half threatening people to betray President Trump!

We, however, are in desperate need of another special prosecutor to investigate why we, and our president, were ever subjected to the gross negligence and multiple millions of taxpayer money wasted on what everyone knew was a “nothing burger” based solely on a completely false dossier furnished by the Hillary campaign!

Will MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of the liberal news media apologize? Better question — will Robert Mueller? Don't hold your breath!

— Jerry Crew, Webb