Letter to the Editor

Things of note

Sunday, March 17, 2019

At least two things of note, this past week, are deserving of comment. On the one hand, there is the writer of "Steve King" (SDR, 3-11-19 Opinion page). She wonders what God Congressman King worships. Short answer: the same God she worships. He's the God who wants us to teach our children the proper use of firearms, hunt responsibly, and protect those near and dear. So next time the letter writer is attacked, threatened or put in immediate bodily danger, I'll be looking for that other cheek. Oh, and yes, in the time of the Bible, the "guns" were more like spears, arrows and knives. Winchester, Colt, Remington et al. hadn't arrived on the scene until much later.

The second thing is much more noteworthy: that would be the inspiring, relentless and highly efficient efforts of the Spencer Street Department, under the direction of Mark White. March 13-14 saw great amounts of snow and ice removed in a timely fashion from jammed up drainage ditches and expanses of the Municipal Golf Course. Heavy equipment operators were hard at it, making it safe to travel and easing the worry of property owners. Thanks guys, your devotion to your jobs eased a lot of minds down here in the south end of town!

Bill Kersting, Spencer