Letter to the Editor

Editor's opinion piece

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Randy Cauthron’s opinion piece regarding New York’s Reproductive Health Act asked, “Please provide me with some legitimate reasoning or an argument you could make standing at the foot of God — before your very Creator (whether you acknowledge him or not) — which would compel him to agree with the decision to kill an unborn child.” The answer is the baby is already dead or not viable outside the womb. When couples learn the devastating news of their deceased child in utero or having not developed a major organ that would end life immediately after birth, traveling to a state that will terminate the pregnancy only adds to the stress and sorrow. No healthy or viable pregnancies after 24 weeks are terminated in the Reproductive Health Act. This is not my opinion. It is fact.

Invoking the judgement of God and comparing women and lawmakers to Satan is a gross misuse of the opinion platform. Phrases such as “I can’t imagine what a God in heaven must think” and “None of that is going to stand up to God” seek to vilify and shame women for choosing a legal medical procedure. When I sit down to enjoy the Daily Reporter, I expect to learn about my community and the world and sometimes be challenged by a different perspective, not to have my God used against me for my beliefs. This rhetoric does not make possible the grace-filled conversations so needed in the world today. I agree with Randy on one point. God doesn’t make mistakes, but sometimes nature does.

Anne Slattery, Spencer