Letter to the Editor

To Lincoln Elementary families

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

This is my first year as a teacherís associate at Lincoln Elementary. Iím especially enjoying helping the students learn and teaching them how to succeed in life. We high five in the hallways and I receive hugs from the students every day. We have fun on the playground playing football, nine-square, swinging on the swings, oh and yes, I even get to help turn the jump rope. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to teaching. They put in long hours and have a tremendous love for their students.

Come sometime and have lunch with your children. Watch their eyes light up with enthusiasm, you mean so much to them. But please let the lunchroom know ahead of time, so there is plenty of food for everyone. Thank you for getting your children up early for the buses, and for the others who drive them to school! Your dedication and love are much appreciated. Thank you for supporting your students in all their activities, at school and out of school. They have so much potential and are wonderful children to work with.

I feel humbled and honored to be just a small part of a great staff and school system, who want the best education for the children. Thank you again for all your help and support in making this a tremendous school! God bless you all, from Mr. E!

David Ellenwood, Spencer