Letter to the Editor

New York legislation

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Randy Cauthron impassioned editorial condemning the New York state's legislation allowing the murder of a human baby during a normal birth process ended with "What say you?" This is my answer.

Roe v. Wade allowed abortions the first trimester of gestation, but did not allow baby-killing the third. This decision in New York has nothing to do with women's rights! This is a statement by the extreme left-wing of the Democratic Party (is there anything else) telling the world nothing is sacrosanct! The "progressives" used to think life started when the baby could survive without the womb which was around six or seven months but now there is no bar! If the mother decides she doesn't like the looks of her baby after delivery, she, with guidance from her "doctor," can terminate (kill) it! At least this law doesn't tell them how!

I think it's time for those of you good people calling yourselves Democrats to step back and look at what the Democratic Party has become. This is it! You may delude yourselves by thinking, since I don't agree with abortion, I still can vote for them! Smell the coffee.

I've always wondered why the father has zero parental rights until birth? This law in New York prevents a father, although he was present during the birth of his child, his parental right until the mother decides to keep her baby. This begs the question to my knowledge there is no limit how long, after birth, can the mother wait to kill it? Colicky baby? Terrible "twos?"

Is there any "season limits" on killing babies? Will we see an editorial defending this decision?

Jerry Crew, Webb