Letter to the Editor

Stopping the hate

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

It would seem to be a great Christmas present if we'd all dial back the vitriol, heading into the last two weeks prior to the coming of Christ. And if we got good at it, we'd have a jumpstart on how to act in 2019. We all play a role in stopping the hate and replacing it with the prerequisite love.

Two of the great country artists of the last 50 years offer us some guidance. There's Glen Campbell, with his "Try a Little Kindness," a big hit in 1970, and Charlie Pride (1971) with "Kiss an Angel Good Morning." Two of the best singing two of the best. They celebrated the joy of being nice, and the rewards that followed. Look up the lyrics sometime, and see what I mean.

The point is all the hate, violence and mean spiritedness witnessed daily isn't going to magically disappear on its own. It has to be replaced with its antithesis, and that would be goodness and kindness. It is not a complicated formula, but then again, it is not an easy task.

Each day, look for a way to think, say or do something positive for your fellow man. Entertain healing thoughts instead of divisive ones. Speak well of someone, instead of running them down. Offer a helping hand in place of making someone's way even more difficult. Do this for the rest of the year, and you'll be well on the way to a happier New Year. We all will be!

Bill Kersting, Spencer