Letter to the Editor

'Forging Forward' opinion piece

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Colin Van Westen's opinion piece in the Oct. 18 SDR ("Forging Forward") was an example of motivational journalism. A "manifesto" if you will. However, we start to part company, when in paragraph two, Colin tips his hand by use of the phrase "how wealth is distributed. I fear he is already on the way to promoting a brand of socialism I'm not buying into. From what I know, wealth is desired, sought, acquired and earned. Most Americans of means (very wealthy) started with very little, and worked their way up from the bottom. It wasn't passed on or deposited in an account for them. They seized the opportunities open to all who are willing to put in the time and effort.

Moving right along, Colin (in paragraph five) seems to be unaware that our economy is booming (employment at an all time high, unemployment at a very low level). If he is attempting to motivate fellow leftists, I fear he is missing the mark on the one hand, and watering down reality, on the other. Maybe he's trying to tell us "This is the best of times; this is the worst of times. Not really sure. If what Colin says in paragraph 6 is true ("... the simplest answer addressing how to support a strong economy is to put money into more people's hands. ...") he logically should be supporting the Republican Party, as they are the ones wanting to cut taxes and hold the line on spending. Of course when you cut taxes, you ultimately have to cut spending, as the government can only spend what it brings in through taxation. Oh, yes, and we know that about one half of the population pays no taxes, thus the richest 1-10 percent have a big tax bill, and certainly the middle class do their bit. I believe wealth is shared by those having it making jobs available for the many who are willing/able to work. Those who can't work (the disabled) have programs to help them. Many in government are in jobs that facilitate this effort to give people needed funds, based on their circumstances.

Yes, we can do better. We can resurrect those core values that make America so unique in the world. Promote the dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility of the individual. Equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all law abiding people. Encouraging individual initiative has been the way we have grown. Government should provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations. The best government is that which governs least. We have a national strength and pride that the world envies. We should protect and preserve our American values, and expect those that want to come here and live do the same.

Completely irrelevant to the content of this letter is a belief and value statement put forth by New York Yankee fans: It's not an official World Series unless the Yankees are playing in it. Please educate your sports editor, Nate Shaughnessy, about this well-known and very popular belief, so that when he editorializes, he is grounded in something besides his own biases! Thank you very much.

Bill Kersting, Spencer