Letter to the Editor

Brett Kavanaugh

Monday, October 15, 2018

We have just witnessed the most foul, vile attack in our nations history by 10 desperate Democrats on the senate judiciary committee to destroy a decent human being, Brett Kavanaugh! Why? The most basic tenet of the Democrat platform is abortion on demand and the appointment of a fifth conservative on SCOTUS means the possibility Roe v. Wade gets overturned.

Did those of you who found Christine Blasey Ford's testimony credible, despite huge gaps, know that she submitted four names, one a close friend, who could and would support her allegations? And, did you also know ALL four denied, under the threat of perjury, ANY knowledge of the sexual assault? If the allegation alone, without any supportive evidence, is proof of guilt, then we as a nation will cease to exist. Basic jurisprudence is innocent until proven guilty!

Have you ever wondered why she would give investigators the names of four people who she KNEW couldn't corroborate her testimony? Is that logical? Certainly didn't buttress her allegations, but the Democrat plan, scripted to deny Kavanaugh's confirmation, was certainly not without flaws and Blasey Ford was the "Hail Mary" effort to delay confirmation hearings until after the midterm elections! The "blue wave" would then put Democrats in power in congress and the entire time would be spent impeaching President Trump and denying Judge Kavanaugh his well-earned spot on SCOTUS!

Politics as usual? If this is the new "norm" and if I was a Democrat, I'd be doing everything in my power to get my party back to the party of FDR and JFK not this caricature of present day Democrats whose scorched-earth policy is willing to do ANYTHING to advance their agenda including destruction of Judge Kavanaugh and his family. Is there ANY limit?

This party is built on hatred hatred of our duly-elected president and hatred of our country because we still champion traditional values where we respect our roles as men and women not as some gender-fluid mishmash where we sit around the campfire singing Kumbaya!

Jerry Crew, Webb