Letter to the Editor

Brett Kavanaugh – a winner — for now?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

A letter signed by over 1,000 law professors from elite colleges and universities around the country sent to the U.S. Senate urged them to reject Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. They cited that his lack of judicial temperament disqualified him for any court. A statement from former Supreme Court Justice Paul Stevens, appointed by Ronald Reagan said Judge Kavanaugh’s statements in his hearings revealed prejudices that would make it impossible for him to do the court’s work. He demonstrated a potential bias involving enough litigants before the court that he would not be able to perform his full responsibilities.

After the American Bar Association and many others demanded an FBI investigation, President Trump ordered a special investigation. This differs from a criminal investigation in that the White House council sets the parameters of what the FBI can examine. As a result only nine people were interviewed. Strangely, Professor Ford and Judge Kavanaugh were not among those interviewed.

Despite warnings from the U.S. legal community about Kavanaugh’s disqualifying behavior and the White House directed very limited investigation, the Republican majority senators decided to ignore their advice and vote lockstep to confirm the appointment.

For the first time in history, plans to impeach a Supreme Court Justice began on the day of his confirmation.

Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake