Letter to the Editor

Exercise your right to vote

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

In Meredith Willson’s classic, “The Music Man,” our state is touted as having a “chip on the shoulder attitude we’ve never been without that we recall.” In about a month, my fellow Iowans will have the right to go to the ballot box and exercise their right to vote. I would hope that the “Iowa way” means we all take our right to vote seriously and elect those who will lead and guide our state.

Please don’t say “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know who to vote for” as reasons for staying home. We have some very brave men and women who have served our country in the armed forces who have given their best to protect our right to vote, and some have even given the supreme sacrifice. These proud Americans and Iowans knew it was the “Iowa way” to serve their country and defend our rights and liberties. Surely you could take the time in this next month to use your fine Iowa education and learn more about the candidates and issues before you proceed to vote.

In the “Music Man,” Iowans are said to be “so by God stubborn we can stand touchin’ noses for a week at a time, and never see eye to eye.” I would encourage all Iowans see “eye to eye” that our right to vote is an important responsibility. Get to know who is on the ballot, and find out who supports the things that you think matter for the future of our great state.

If you want to “skip the lines,” go to the Clay County Administration Building and vote absentee starting Monday, Oct. 8. The helpful staff at our Clay County Auditor’s Office can answer any ballot questions you might have at 262-1569.

Come on Iowans, let’s use that “chip on the shoulder attitude” and make our state proud and vote absentee or on Nov. 6.