Letter to the Editor

Has the Democrat Party done damage to the #MeToo movement?

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The gyrations conducted by the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee during the recent hearings on Brett Kavanaugh have been burlesque. And now the normally staid Senator Feinstein has released a document that tarnishes Kavanaugh's reputation and puts into jeopardy his nomination. The accusation will be difficult to refute as he is being declared guilty by social media and the Socialist side of the Democrat party.

Ms. Ford's accusations cannot be proven nor can they be disproved which was probably obvious to Feinstein when she came into the documents. Yet the #MeToo movement which came into being with the predatory actions of Harvey Weinstein, appears to have been weaponized by the Democrats in their attempt to halt this nomination. If they are successful, the party will use it to bludgeon any opposition as this weapon appears to have no defense.

Now Ms. Ford should not be criticized nor should any demeaning reference be made of her actions. However, Kavanaugh needs to have his day too. He is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. And with no witnesses and poor recollection from the alleged victim, it is quite possible that he will be a victim too. An FBI investigation is not valid because this is not a criminal case and their use would be overreach.

The resistance at any cost movement seems to be a mantra within the Democrat Party. Where is the attempt to win public opinion based on substantive issues that resonate with the voters? The Democrats have relegated themselves to using muscle to cower the opposition and use political maneuvering that relieves them of the burden of thoughtful arguments, therefore they hijacked the #MeToo movement to achieve their end result of resistance. And this action has the result that will delegitimize something that is worthwhile and healing to so many. Who will believe any accusations if there is no substance to allegations other than an attempt at resistance?

Dave Kimbell, Spencer