Letter to the Editor

Clay County Fair

Monday, September 17, 2018

As this is written, the 2018 edition of the Clay County Fair heads into its final two days. We've enjoyed good fair weather, and I hope huge crowds. I originally didn't like the idea of no longer disclosing the daily number of fair admissions. Now, however, I can see how it adds to the suspense, and is worth doing. You know it is fair week because every block in town seems to have one or more vehicles for sale in it. Also, it is great to see the increase in cars/trucks observing the 20 mph speed limit coming north over the bridge. That'll all change come next week! Had several stints in the Clay County Republicans booth, and was impressed with the many positive comments about the job President Trump is doing.

Then there's the matter of the upcoming elections. Just a month and a half to endure the carping, whining, and attacking "messages of hope. Right. Protests laced with civility are far from the norm. Too bad. Too often, the real issues of the day get lost in the rhetoric of "I want, we want. Show me some positive things you are doing, the sweat and effort it takes to get them done, and I might listen. Otherwise, it's just a lot of noise that gets easily silenced with truth and sincerity. Recall how accurate and timely all the polls were the last go-round?

Bill Kersting, Spencer