Letter to the Editor

Wind energy

Monday, September 17, 2018

There is a reason why developing the most innovative energy policy in the country is one of Governor Reynold’s top priorities. Not only does a focus on access to affordable, reliable, clean energy reduce carbon pollution, but it has also proven to ensure we have a thriving economy. As state and industry leaders work to maximize our energy opportunities, wind power has emerged as Iowa’s top source of renewable energy, to which O’Brien County is playing a major role.

Our commitment to technology and innovation has aided in an increased use of wind energy throughout the state. Today, wind powers almost 40 percent of the electricity across Iowa. Along with wind power comes good jobs, new investment and new revenue. The industry is sparking economic activity, especially in O’Brien County where we see the advantages of the millions being invested into our communities.

The resource of wind isn’t going anywhere, and with strategic guidance we can continue to utilize this reliable source of energy for generations. It is in our best interest to keep up our commitment to remaining leaders in the wind industry, as it has and will continue to be vital for the economic growth of our community and state.

Kiana Johnson, Primghar