Letter to the Editor

Shame on you Jerry Crew

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Jerry Crew, shame on you for using a family’s tragedy to spout your anti-immigrant phobia! Would Mollie Tibbets be any less dead if she had been killed by a white, Anglo-Saxon male? If her father can forgive her murderer, who are you to defame his Christian forgiveness? While you call others to task for breaking the law, you admit that if your daughter were murdered you would kill “him with your bare hands!”

Unless you are a Native American you also come from immigrant stock. There were times in our history when Swedish and Norwegian immigrants were called “dumb Swedes.” Japanese immigrants were put into concentration camps during World War II. I know you will say that was legal immigration, but I detect an anti-Hispanic racism in your remarks. When we built our new house the dry-wallers and roofers were Hispanic. Did we check their citizenship papers? No, and they did an excellent job. Look around Spencer where many roofs were damaged by hail. Who is reroofing them? Sioux Center is welcoming Hispanics to their community. I challenge you to find enough workers to milk cows. I celebrate anyone who is willing to work hard and make a living for themselves and their families.

“The alien living in your land must be treated as your native born” says God (Lev 19:34).

Mary Marske, Spencer