Letter to the Editor

We expected our president to be bigger

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Before the election, Donald Trump touted that if he were elected, he would win so often that we would get tired of winning. He would become something big for our country. A look at his performance since the election has shown anything but his being a big winner. His performance against Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Putin of Russia showed no sign of a winning negotiation. Relations with the E.U. and NATO left them guessing about our support. His name calling of people that disagree with him seems quite juvenile. He does not see the big picture on starting a tariff war. He promises to subsidize our farmers after railing against China for doing the same thing. The many acts of racism and his plan to keep out immigrants by taking away their children with no plan to reunite them shamed us as a country. His adulteress affairs and payoffs and lies in the thousands does not portray bigness. Most recently he threatened to “shut down the country” if he did not get funding to build a disputed border wall at the Mexican border. The adjective small, in so many ways, better fits as a description of our president. We should all cast our vote to determine big or small.

Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake