Letter to the Editor

Five Myths about DACA

Sunday, July 22, 2018

What a pathetic bit of journalism! Not worthy of the Reporter! If he indeed was seeking data on the DACA issue he should have read “Five Myths about DACA” by David Bier, an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute, in the “Washington Post.” How stupid does he think we are? To begin with, DACA recipients are those who were brought here as children BEFORE their 16th birthday, BEFORE June 15, 2007.

Though A.G. Sessions argues that ending DACA “protects taxpayers” the opposite is true.”According to the National Academy of Sciences, first generation immigrants who enter the United States as children (including all DACA recipients) pay, on average, more in taxes over their lifetime than they receive in benefits, regardless of their education level. DACA recipients end up contributing more than the average, because they are not eligible for any federal means-tested welfare: cash assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, health care tax credits or anything else.”

DACA applicants must have a high school diploma, 36 percent of those over 25 have bachelor's degrees, 32 percent more are pursuing them. These are significant tax payers.

These people are not criminals. They must pass background checks to enter the program and if “arrested DACA can be taken away even without a conviction.”

“Only 2,139 out of almost 800,000 DACA recipients have lost their permits because of criminal or public safety concerns — that’s just a quarter of 1 percent.” (Where does Rep. King come up with his 66 percent of admitted criminals, and how many are there of those???) “Four times as many U.S.-born Americans have ended up behind bars at some point before age 34.”

Our main problems are with the El Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran immigrants who’s countries have much higher levels of violence than anywhere else in North America. Economist Michael Clemens found that a rise in homicides there between ‘07 and ‘08 set off a chain of events leading to the rise in child migration.

If Americans were not using drugs, the Cartels would not exist. Perhaps we’d be better off if we legalized and taxed drugs as we do cigarettes and alcohol ...? Also with our massive federal debt, we cannot afford a wall, and everyone knows that a 22-foot ladder will get you over a 20-foot wall. Or, a wall across southern Mexico would be much shorter (cheaper), and that’s where the real problems are coming from. And we might offer to help Mexico (only if they want it) tackle their cartel and southern neighbor problems.

If only the Kings had hosted exchange students and traveled internationally (as ordinary citizens), perhaps studied a language, he would be much better prepared to do his job. Most people of other nations are good, they want opportunities for their children, just as our ancestors did, and some live in deplorable and/or unsafe conditions. We have many bounties due to our geography and a good form of government and a past history of altruistic leadership. Our population density is very minimal compared to much of the civilized world. If our leaders would work together we could solve our immigration problems.

Lynn Swan