Letter to the Editor

A check on our values

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Republican conservatism used to center on: Free trade, family values, fiscal conservatism, limited government and strong international leadership. These are admirable values that I totally agree with. It’s hard to see these values embraced by our Republican conservative administration today.

We are in the middle of a trade war, not only with China, but with Canada, Mexico and our European allies. The policy to separate parents from their children shows no appreciation for family values. According to the Treasury Department, during the first eight months of the 2018 U.S. fiscal year, the National Budget deficit showed an increase of 23 percent. It showed corporate tax revenue decreased 25 percent while spending on military programs, homeland security, Medicare and Medicaid increased. The difference between what the government took in and what it spent was $532.4 billion. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said it expects the deficit to continue to grow.

Once considered the leader of the free world, our NATO allies state their worry about our recent actions. Ignoring the takeover of Crimea and parts of Ukraine, questioning the value of NATO, and refusing to enforce sanctions against Russia approved by congress. Cozying up to Putin while calling the prime minister of Canada “dishonest and weak.” Granting recognition of North Korea as an equal world power and getting nothing in return. In spite of indisputable evidence and after agreement by the rest of the world that climate change caused by mankind’s pollution is real, the U.S. denies it and takes no action to stop it.

Both houses of Congress are currently controlled by the Republican Party, but for some unfathomable reason they do not exercise their oversite power on the president and the members of his wild spending cabinet. This fall, midterm elections offer the ability to change the mix in Congress. I hope concerned citizens show their preference.

Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake