Letter to the Editor

Judaeo-Christian values

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Recent opinion pieces in the Spencer Daily Reporter have focused on the need for our country to get back on the civility trail, and embrace once again the values upon which our country was founded. To my knowledge, those would be Judaeo-Christian values, such as "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those adhering to these values don't claim they can do anything they want, any time/place they want, and to anyone they choose. To quote a phrase, it is more of a "live and let live" value set. Honoring those values, and hard work, have made America the world leader that it has been and still is.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the emphasis on #MeToo, (favorite color) lives matter, and "I can protest anything I want because it is my right to do so" and you have our current culture. As I write this, we have just concluded the Fourth of July, although the stormy weather resulted in the postponement of most of the hoopla locally. It was a sweet evening on July 3, however, as the Sioux City Explorers continued their league-leading ways and a first class fireworks display concluded the evening's entertainment at Lewis & Clark Park, in Sioux City. Now if only the weather cooperates here, on July 7.

It seems to me that civility in discourse could be enhanced if the cartoons your newspaper chooses to print could at least be half civil toward President Donald Trump and his cabinet. A steady diet of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette "humor" does not promote civility, in my opinion. Nor do some of the offerings by one of your cartoon journalists. The big story in the country July 4-5 seemed to be the one dealing with the woman who felt it her right to "Protest Family Separations" by climbing on the Statue of Liberty pedestal, and shutting down the tourist destination for who knows how many disappointed tourists. Now she has to endure the consequences for violating the law, and other aspects related to common sense. Maybe she and/or her sponsoring organization should be assessed for the extra personnel New York had to bring to the scene to effect a safe rescue effort.

The good Lord knows there are plenty of things that need protesting in this world of ours. There are protests where people get a permit and march peacefully in the streets. If you don't agree with their message, wait until they pass, find another route to take or stay away. Because a person doesn't agree with the methods people deploy does not mean they are any less equal. Can we speak in a civil manner? Sure, why not. Just don't persist when I tell you that I've heard your side and we will remain very far apart in our views and values. It's my right.

Bill Kersting, Spencer