Letter to the Editor

Coffee with the Editor

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Last week I attended my first Coffee with the Editor. I walked in a little reserved and cautious as there were quite a few Republicans around the table, and I’m running for Iowa House of Representatives as a Democrat. Most of the people around the table were people I’ve worked side-by-side with on various efforts around the community, so I opened up in a short amount of time. The esteemed Mayor Robinson was with us, so we got caught up on a few projects around Spencer. I told a few stories from my days in the hospitality industry. Remembering a night when the “South T” flooded so much that the staff at The Days Inn couldn’t switch shifts. This shouldn’t be an issue with the new Water Quality Project on the south end of town. Suddenly, the conversation changed. One of the attendees mentioned that our ancestors came to the United States of America through Ellis Island, signed a paper and became citizens of the United States of America. We began discussing how difficult it is for an immigrant to become a citizen. What would it look like if instead of armed ICE agents raiding a place, a few people with clipboards showed up telling immigrants what they need to do to become citizens? This is what we started exploring. It was a beautiful conversation. Who knows, maybe this conversation will continue this week? This is what bipartisan looks like, and these conversations are what I’m most looking forward to on the campaign trail.

Ryan C. Odor, Spencer, Candidate for Iowa House of Representatives in District 2