Letter to the Editor

Momentous week

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The week of June 10 is momentous for many reasons. First of all, on June 12, we note the historic summit between the leader of North Korea and President Trump. Much lies in the balance. It is just the two of them, sitting down for a talk. How will it go? What will be the outcome? One thing is true: there's very little we can do to influence either men. The one thing we all can do is pray to Almighty God that better understanding, improved dialog, and a commitment to keep our planet safe are the result of their meeting. One way to do this is to use "affirmative prayer.” In other words, affirm the positive outcome we all know in our heart of hearts is needed: world peace. This June 12 summit has the potential for being the trigger for the good of mankind. Will we pray? Will we devote as much attention to this tremendously important tete a tete as we do for who wins the Super Bowl, or some other sports trophy?

Two days later, on June 14, President Trump will celebrate his 72nd birthday. Whether you are a supporter or a detractor, one civil thing you can do is wish him a happy birthday. You can do it in the usual way, or do it silently, in affirming health and well being for him. Tweet something positive; it just might become contagious!

Finally, two high-profile suicides occurred last week. Unfortunately, they were only a blip on the radar screen, considering the 45,000 or so such events that occur in the U.S. each year. By affirming the beauty of life, the joy of doing one's best to make each day a little better for those who are struggling (whether we know them well, or not), and deciding that people in crisis deserve a much better fate, we can make a collective difference. These are positives all of us can promote. Whether it is “win-win" between two countries with vastly different agendas, or efforts to improve the quality of life we all deserve, affirming the outcome is a step in the right direction.

Bill Kersting, Spencer