Letter to the Editor


Monday, May 21, 2018

Last Tuesday the Daily Reporter reprinted an editorial written by the Quad City Times which took the Iowa Legislature to task for passing the fetal heartbeat bill that will eliminate abortions in Iowa after a heartbeat is detected in the unborn child. They called it a "cynical, intentionally unconstitutional act" which, quite frankly, shows the ignorance of the huge majority of those passing themselves off as mainstream journalists. And, the depravity of the Democrat Party whose platform is based on allowing abortion, under the guise of women's rights, all the way through pregnancy until birth.

Why? Abortion is murder of the unborn child NOT a woman's choice! The fetal heartbeat bill simply eliminates the last 7 1/2 months of pregnancy as woman's choice which, under Roe v. Wade, allowed them to murder their child until the instant before birth.

My fervent hope is we retain the Republican majority in both house and re-elect Gov. Kim Reynolds so we can restore life the first six weeks of pregnancy not protected by the fetal heartbeat bill. We need to recognize that life starts at conception, and any interference by man is simply cold-blooded murder!

Jerry Crew, Webb