Letter to the Editor

Thank you

Sunday, May 13, 2018

I can’t begin to thank the Daily Reporter, the community, the folks who wrote nomination letters and those who said and wrote so many nice notes on social media and emails.

Being named the “Citizen of the Year” is by far the greatest honor ever bestowed upon me.

To think that a “scrawny little farm kid” as my mother called me, who was not that great of a student, not ever very popular, and looked a lot like Walter White from “Breaking Bad”

could ever be on the same plaque as some of Spencer's finest citizens over the past 51 years is inconceivable to me.

As I said, or mumbled in my short speech there were many more deserving people in the community than me, so please take the time to write a letter in their behalf next year.

I would also ask that everyone try to get involved in some type of volunteerism or giving of your time. It is always easier to write a check or sit in a board room making decisions on what needs to be done, but what we also need is the boots on the ground. Decisions can be made and there may or may not be funds available but unless there is someone willing to actually do the work, who do you think is going to do it? It’s hard to know what motivates people to do volunteer work, but I read the letters of the other nominees and thought, my gosh, what would this town do without people like them. I realized a long time ago that nearly everyone or any group with volunteers, they appreciate the time given more than any sports figure on tv or people at the coffee shop.

Memorial Day is coming up and the Rick Dean family will need help with locating holes at the cemeteries, and placing flags. What a great opportunity for a family to get out and help the community.

There, I am off my soapbox.

Thank you again to everyone.

Joe Skow, Spencer