Letter to the Editor

National Volunteer Week

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The week of April 15, we celebrated National Volunteer Week. For years we have known that without the dedication and passion of millions of volunteers in this country, the good works and spiritual support of people of all races, colors and creeds would be severely curtailed. Right here in Spencer, the Grand Avenue Community Outreach was the beneficiary of a volunteer effort that put smiles on a lot of faces. On April 21-22, through the enthusiastic support of Kathy Anderson and the staff at the Southpark Mall, we were able to hold a maid rite and hot dog feed.

Many thanks go out to the Outreach's board members who donated labor and food, time and support during the weekend, and in preparation for it. The Southpark Mall was gracious in allowing us to use the space formerly occupied by Dairy Queen. We are especially grateful to the students of the Spencer Middle School and Angie Ward for her promotional support. Kudos also, to the Spencer Daily Reporter, the KICD Stations, and SMU's access channel for getting out the word. Words of gratitude to First Baptist Church are also in order. Together we win!

Bill Kersting, Spencer